Video: DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv “WYO” ft. PGF Nuk

Chicago’s DCG Brothers aim to keep the Windy City’s streets warm with their spitfire rhymes and charismatic personalities. Linking up with fellow Chi-Town riser PGF Nuk, the Midwest rappers are on demon time in “WYO” video via No More Heroes/Atlantic Records. Turning their performance at Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash Festival into an impromptu video shoot (hint: peep Cole Bennett vibing out in his cameos lol!), DCG Brothers and PGF Nuk dare their opps to keep the same energy whenever they come around. Of course, it wouldn’t be a DCG Brothers video without a bit of humor infused into it – DCG Shun hits his signature floor dance and it’s hilarious!

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