Video: Derez De’Shon “All Them Days” ft. Morray

Derez De’Shon, “the Godfather of Pain Rap”, has just shared his newest video single “All Them Days” featuring 2021 XXL Freshman Morray. “All Them Days” is a showcasing of the different generations of “pain rap” coming together for a worthwhile collaboration, with the result being this soulful and introspective track. The melodic instrumental serves as the perfect backdrop for Derez and Morray to flex their vocal range and to trade verses about the depths of their individual struggles. The music video depicts the early adolescence of the artists, a visual representation of the hard-knocks upbringing detailed in “All Them Days.” The collaboration displays the influence Derez has had on this generation of superstars, like Morray, and his ability to still innovate and produce a sound that’s his own.

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