Video: E-40 “Ain’t Talking Bout Nothin” ft. Vince Staples & G Perico

Cruising into his fourth decade of rap stardom, Vallejo’s E-40 only gets better with age. Strutting his stuff above a filthy hyphy instrumental, E-40 comes down hard on bullshitters in Ain’t Talking Bout Nothin’,” his latest single. Recruiting two Los Angeles rappers for a quick drive up The 5 to Oakland, 40 spars with Vince Staples and G Perico on the single, creating a fascinating contrast of styles: 40 uses his unlimited vocabulary and unique flow to create a nursery rhyme of sorts, while Perico aggressively reps for South Central and Vince mocks mumble rappers with his nimble flow. In the video, the three emcees wild out in a dark room, lit only by neon and the fire in their eyes.

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