Video: Foolio “Looking For You”

The Jacksonville-based Hip-Hop artist and street rapper Foolio revealed the official music video to Looking For You ahead of an anticipated album release. A part of his new 12-track compilation, “Looking For You,” is a sinister testament to Foolio’s complicated journey from street life to becoming an acclaimed Hip Hop artist. 

The Florida native is best known for his breakout debut song “Play With Me,” which immediately went viral on TikTok, amassing over 9 million listens on Spotify. Shortly after, his follow-up song “List Of Dead Opps” accumulated more than 10 million views across various online platforms. Most may also know him for his acclaimed song, “When I See You (Remix),” which garnered more than 11.5 million views in one month of its release and catapulted to the No. 1 trending video in the country.

As trap music’s most enticing artist, Foolio owns up to his troubling past and life experiences. “Looking For You” is a tribute touching on delicate topics like death, gang violence, revenge, and the paranoia of our fears. 

Foolio’s consistent release of an album for four consecutive years established his digital presence as Hip Hop’s most exciting artist to emerge. With a musical versatility that knows no bounds, millions of streams, and a steadfastness to his music and telling his truth, Jacksonville rapper Foolio is on fire with no signs of slowing down.  

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