Video: J. Stalin “Living Lavish”

The Bay Area street legend J. Stalin and his longtime producer/collaborator Dj. Fresh recently announced their long-awaited 2013 follow-up album Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street Pt. 2, and now they’re sharing another look into the album with “Living Lavish,” where Stalin reaps the benefits of his hard work. If there is anything to know about J. Stalin, it’s that he’s a proud family man who works hard for his money. The CEO is always hustling — he runs his own record label (releasing over 44 projects to date), a clothing company, and owns and operates two Bay Area-based barber shops, all under the Livewire umbrella. Contrary to most video shoots where all the props are rented, Stalin owns everything in the video for “Living Lavish,” from the fleet of foreigns to the chains to the bricks of cash.

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