Video: Jaah SLT “For The Week”

Jaah SLT is back and doing what he does best on his latest video single, “For The Week,” combining piping hot lyrics with unmatched enthusiasm. Jaah is one of today’s most energized rising artists, his souped up trap music and colorful personality adding an edge that you might not expect from a North Carolina scene known for traditionalists J. Cole. On “For The Week,” Jaah slows down the tempo, but keeps up the energy levels with his signature high octane adlibs, bringing more life to the beat. Jaah’s quick-witted wordplay flourishes throughout the track with bars like “Imma beat this beat like Tyson, got a bad lil B she enticing.” Complete with a video that finds Jaah shaking his blonde dreads and rocking his signature pink backpack in an eco-friendly environment, “For The Week” is Jaah’s elevator pitch to his fans and curious onlookers that his new steez is only for the week.

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