Video: Jaah SLT “Rent Free”

Jaah SLT has never been one to crank out a new song with the same ol’ mood. In his latest video, “Rent Free,” he’s switching up topics and moods as he keeps us on edge with some high-level energy (which is much needed after coming back into the office after a 3 day weekend!).

Whether it’s cheekily apologizing to a girl he spurned or evading a white officer who doesn’t “f*ck with n****s,” Jaah SLT covers it all and everything in between in “Rent Free.” In the video, Jaah gleefully hotwires a racist state trooper’s car and smokes “a whole pound” on his porch (with his signature pink backpack) while accompanied by a ski mask-clad crew. “Rent Free” follows up “Toxic,” another high-octane banger that finds him talking smack with infectious charisma. Both songs will appear on his upcoming project, set to drop this summer via Alamo Records.

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