Video: Jay Critch & Rich The Kid “Lefty”

When he was a teenager, Jay Critch won the heart of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with his brusque rhymes and effortlessly cool demeanor. He was a neighborhood kid through and through, and when his career started to take off, after Rich The Kid took him under his wing, it felt like he was taking Clinton Hill with him. Collaborating once again with his mentor, the now 24-year-old Critch brings back that 2018 feeling with “Lefty,” an atmospheric jam that could’ve easily fit onto one of their Rich Forever mixtapes.

Produced by Timothy On The Beat, the track finds the two rappers ping-ponging back and forth, each trying to outdo the other’s boasts. While Rich touts his brand new Maybach and the half-a-mil watch on his left wrist, Critch quiets down his haters with money moves and tough talk: “And all my opps that are listenin’, know that we blitzin’, we play for the Giants.” The Rich Porter-directed video finds the two rappers flexing their multitude of multi-colored foreigns as they pour up in a suburban mansion

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