Video: Jay Fizzle & Snupe Bandz “Murder”

What’s better than one Paper Route Empire artist on a song? Two! Sharing their new ominous “Murder” video single, Jay Fizzle and Snupe Bandz are serving up a double dose of PRE to kick off this weekend. Over the booming bass, haunting keys, and speaker-knocking percussion crafted by Sosa 808, the two slick-talking Memphis natives trade brash bars about their sinister extracurricular activities. The video finds Jay Fizzle and Snupe Bandz take to a Chevy and the dark Memphis streets to spit fire as they rock their PRE chains and mob with their crew. From Fizzle’s punchline-packed triplets about spinning the block “like a tornado” to Snupe’s warnings to anyone foolish enough to trespass in his neighborhood, the two emcees let everyone know they are not to be played with. 

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