Video: Key Glock “I Be”

Key Glock just stepped off the plane from his European tour and got right back to it. Today, the Paper Route Empire star dropped the video for “I Be” off his recently released Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) album – Watch Here. With over 15 million Spotify streams, the Bandplay-produced banger serves not only as the most streamed track from YT2 (Deluxe), but also delivers Glock’s infectious MO: “Yeah, I’m all about my money, baby, I get money, baby/Yeah, my chopper hold a hundred, my car go two hundred, baby.”

The James Bahman-directed video for “I Be” finds Glock taking part in a high-stakes card game, examining his hand through clear-framed glasses which makes the statement – he doesn’t do poker faces. As the pile of cash on the table grows with each turn, Glock sits back and smiles while his opponents smoke their stogies and scratch their heads. At the end of the hand, Glock reveals his cards and reels in the jackpot, which he delivers to his team of money-counting baddies in the backroom. Though his padded pockets leave no room for hidden cards, Glock always keeps an ace in the hole.

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