Video: Lil Durk ft. Teyana Taylor “Home Body” Remix

Directed and produced by Teyana Taylor, the video for “Home Body” Remix is a lavish tribute to the massive HBO hit, complete with dreamlike visuals, intricate and elegant costumes, and a fair helping of eye candy. “Home Body” was the standout hit from Lil Durk’s Signed To The Streets 3, his first album to be released by Alamo Records. Originally featuring appearances from Gunna and TK Kravitz, “Home Body” was a slow-burning hit released in March 2018, which recently earned Gold certification from the RIAA earlier this month. Boosted by the remix, which in audio form features appearances from Teyana Taylor and NYC rapper Melii, the song eclipsed 500,000 single equivalents moved, including more than 79M streams. A sex positive and melodic rap slow jam, the “Home Body” Remix is a welcome respite from hip-hop’s male gaze.

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