Video: Lil Kee “Feelings Everywhere”

Unapologetically bold and emotional in his rhymes, Lil Kee echoes the pain of the streets whenever he reflects on traumatizing experiences. Reeling in pain from the tragic loss of his brother, the Atlanta-via-Alabama riser lets his raw emotions fly in “Feelings Everywhere,” his new video from his project, Letter 2 My Brother. Including features from Lil Baby, Lil Durk, 42 Dugg, and BIG30, Letter 2 My Brother is out now via Four Pockets Full Inc

Dedicating his latest body of work to his older brother, Letter 2 My Brother explores Lil Kee’s grieving process as he fulfills the promise of keeping his sibling’s name alive. In “Feelings Everywhere,” Lil Kee undergoes multiple stages of grief as he reflects on life after losing a loved one. Along with adjusting to life without his brother, he raps about stepping up to be a father figure for his nephew: “Lost my brother to a gun, treat my nephew like my son/It get better when it’s all over/Time move slow when you want everything to end.” Destroying rough drafts of letters and rhymes in the video, Kee scrambles to find the words to describe how he feels. Holding on to an envelope that says “ILY Bredda,” Kee makes it clear that his love for his brother is eternal.

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