Video: Lucas “Zizou”

Lucas is an artist with an immense amount of talent, but to put it simply this is his first real
attempt at rolling out music. And man this one is scary good for this early in a career. “Zizou” is
infectious with Lucas’ tonality and cadence oozing stellar confidence. The percussive elements
accent his raps, while the subject matter showcases an almost numbness to the bullshit.

In these frames directed by Free Honeyy and John Luna, we see bright colors and a cameo
from Heath240. Basking in the Florida sunlight, this creative team took simple settings with a
low budget and turned them into something of cinematic bliss. Aside from that you just see a
simple song and video that will need to be watched over and over.

There isn’t much that can be said without witnessing your greatness for yourself. Lucas might
run into some issues with SEO, but truly this is a great first impression to the world. A rising
name to know in a game full of clones, get hip to a real artist with identity.

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