Video: LUCKI & F1LTHY “2019”

Crafting absorbing and insular rap songs since the age of 16, LUCKI hypnotizes fans with his mantra-like rhymes. Harkening back to a recent past that feels like eons ago, the Chicago native is back with the video for “2019.” Produced by F1LTHY of Working On Dying, the song finds LUCKI finding the negative space between carnivalesque synth arpeggios, which provide a bright atmosphere to contrast with LUCKI’s stream-of-consciousness rhymes. The song tells a fragmented story about a relationship, one that started as a fan-artist connection but evolved into something far more complicated. Directed by LUCKI’s frequent collaborator Lonewolf, the video conjures a dreamlike atmosphere, as LUCKI and his lady friend attempt to rendezvous on a beach full of empty beds, each searching for the other in vain as day turns to night.

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