Video: Lul Bob & NoCap “No One Here”

Today, Fee Banks and his Good Money Global empire are announcing a new partnership with Johnny Shipes label Cinematic Music Group, by way of its venture with Geffen Records. Building on Banks’ keen eye for talent and knack for developing upcoming artists, the collaboration puts more resources in the hands of one of the industry’s most careful listeners and shrewd businessmen. The deal also comes alongside the news of the November 19 release of Soul Bleed, a new mixtape from Today, Bob shares the captivating duet, “No On Here,” produced by Johnnyshipes and 1-900 with Alabama rapper and singer No Cap. The guitar line is moody and contemplative, making room for Luh Bob’s gritty yet melodic flows to stretch out. “I ain’t have nothing,” he sing-raps on the hook. “There ain’t no one here.” It’s impossible not to feel the sorrow in his voice. Watch the video below!

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