Video: Noodah05 & Rylo Rodriguez “Tameka”

Connecting with his listeners through down-to-earth lyrics and hooks that are catchy as they are smooth, Atlanta’s Noodah05 is one of the many risers making noise from Lil Baby’s 4PF collective. Reflecting on the woes and their come ups, Noodah taps label-mate Rylo Rodriguez for their new Chi Chi-produced single, “Tameka,” out now via Four Pockets Full Inc. Naming the loyalty anthem after his mother Tameka, Noodah highlights some of the important gems that his mother taught him and how he’s applied them along his journey to fame. The video depicts Noodah’s dynamic with his mother, emphasizing her unconditional love even when he’s up to no good.

My mom has given me a lot of great advice and blessed me with a great music taste (fun fact: her favorite song is “Stay Fly” by Three 6 Mafia haha), and “Tameka” reminds me of the gems I’ve received from her. Rapping over a sample of Mobile, AL singer Elley Duhé’s 2016 song “immortal,” Noodah credits his mom for teaching him how to discern the difference between genuine and artificial relationships: “Mama, know I love you dearly/Told me watch them n****s friendly/I feel it now, she had her baby in a cold summer, that’s a fever child/They was with you, but how many of them really with you now?” Rylo Rodriguez comes in hot on this track, expressing his frustration with doling out handouts to people who don’t deserve them. Looking forward to rising beyond the jungles, Noodah and Rylo remain humble and unfazed by the glitters of fame. 

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