Video: North Ave Jax “Awful”

LVRN / Interscope Records / Field Trip Recordings – Superseding his way to stardom, Burlington, VT very own North Ave Jax has released a visual of his song “Awful” from his 10-track debut project ‘LaZy, but i have goals

Taken from his first-ever full project release, North Ave Jax precedes to take viewers on an undertaking of his cognitive dissonant dispositions as he plays various character personas throughout his latest music video filmed by hometown close friend and director Kelly Butts-Spirito. The 20-year-old rapper engages through impactful word play that mirror inner conflicts of toxic inhibitions and emotions as his conscious mental state progressively switches protagonist and antagonist character roles. 

The “Awful” music video portrays me in a self-reflective state of mind playing three different characters.. each of them represent my internal battles within myself of how to not be so ‘awful’ to the people that I love..” – North Ave Jax

The audiovisual portrays Jax’s as both a confined prisoner and an interrogator in hopes to illustrate a critical point on how one can be wrapped up mentally with their own guilt and thoughts. “Awful” is short in its delivery but seemingly captivates key principles of psychological projection and the romanticism of destructive behaviors as Jax has reposed on throughout his debut mixtape ‘LaZy, but i have goals‘.

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