Video: Prado “Men In Black”

Canadian rapper-singer Prado is blessing us with her new single & visualizer for “Men In Black.”

Bodied with hollow synths, hard-hitting drums, and Prado’s quickfire flow, “Men In Black” is a fiery, single ladies anthem. I mean, Prado says it all right here: “Men in black are sluts, no lie / Can’t get in the club at night / Always cappin’ on my line / Why he call me? I decline.” Throughout “Men In Black,” Prado delivers a proper takedown of fleeting men who truly don’t deserve her attention. What I like most about Prado’s songwriting is her ability to serve threats and aggression with a charming, but mischievous smile – it’s like she’s asking if you’re in on the joke. Everything she does is savvy, sweet with an extra large pinch of spice.

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