Video: Sækyi “Pressure”

Sækyi is building a vivacious grassroots campaign when it comes to his music. “Pressure” is a
bit different than “Angels Don’t Call Me” from a stylistic standpoint. Though it’s just as
impressive, residing in another atmosphere. The instrumentation still sets the scene for a
melding of bars and impressive croons, and Sækyi delivers with every effort.

His songwriting is so powerful and relates to the people effortlessly. True emotion with
calculated precision is a great way to describe what “Pressure” really sounds like. If you’re a fan
of “Life” by Saba or tracks with prominent bass as the backbone of the song, you’ll love
“Pressure”. This fusion of Rap and R&B is a top-tier representation of what this young man is
capable of. Get hip to the wave.

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