Video: Skodi “1984”

Skodi is back in rotation with her new visuals for “1984”. This is all leading up to her new project
dropping in a few weeks, but the stellar sounds never lack from this young woman. With
direction from Fxrbes, we see this young songstress and her friends not backing down from
anything in their way. Her skillset is unrelenting per usual, but the stoic set of bars she drops off
will feed that lyrical fix you’re always hungry for.

Skodi has been on some of the biggest stages in the world over the past few years and it will
only continue from here on out. Her confidence brims from any frame or song she inhabits and
there’s not much of a ceiling for her sound either. Get tapped into all of the gas above.

“1984” is not for the frail of heart. It’s unforgiving, arrogant in the best ways and sets up somestellar momentum for Skodi over these next releases.” – Daily Chiefers

“Skodi avoids too many bells and whistles in terms of her delivery which I feel like brings the
most of her personality out as she casually drops bar after bar with a hint of attitude and a dash
of confidence, allowing her flow to be constantly rejuvenated as she rotates through anabundance of cadences.”
– Lyrical Lemonade

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