Video: Smokingskul “Nina”

19-year-old Florida rapper Smokingskul has just shared his new single and video “Nina”. Smokingskul is at the helm of a new era of plugg music known as “dark plugg” which substitutes the ethereal sounds of “plugg” with more tonal melodies that are accentuated by distorted percussion, producing a grimey, DIY sound. On the track produced by the forefather of “plugg” MexikoDro , Skul utilizes his naturally baritone voice to deliver excitable lyrics over a dark, bass-knocking instrumental. His hast-paced flows, intense delivery, and attention-grabbing presence make “Nina” a demonstration of what has made him a noteworthy act in Florida’s hip-hop scene. The video for the track shows Skul in a green-tinted studio space, sporting his signature mask while performing the exhilarating cut.

Smokingksul hails from Naples, Florida, and has been enamored with the sounds of hip-hop all his life. Growing up with the sounds of Drake, Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan primed Skul to push the bounds of new-age sounds and bring his own unique perspective into the mix. Skul broke out into the underground scene with his 2020 track “Tesla” which highlighted the fun of his non-stop bars and constant punch lines. The success “Tesla” put him at the forefront of this underground scene where he’s continued to build his homegrown audience with tracks like p “Do That” and “Dior”, displaying his wide-ranging influences and dynamic style. He kicked off 2022 with a run of singles including “Assembly Line”“Vlone” & “Ganja”. With constant ingenuity and a youthful sense of musical discovery, Smokingskul is a leading act in the developing “dark plugg” scene and the emerging fresh sounds coming from Florida. 

Please watch “Nina” via the link below and stay tuned for more announcements to come:

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