Video: T-Rell “Fake Smiles”

Everyone knows love is a dangerous game and in that game, your heart is never fully safe. In his new video for the heartfelt “Fake Smiles,” Topeka, Kansas native T-Rell taps into his acting chops to show that no one knows about love and heartbreak more than him. The Midwest crooner’s melodic mastery shines as he sings about having to put on a fake smile after he walks in on his beloved lady cheating on him and her not even realizing he saw. Needing to get some fresh air after the heart-shattering scene he just witnessed, he goes to his car to let all his emotions free. The video also finds him passionately singing about his heartbreak and the turbulent relationship in front of a building next to flames. The dramatic new video for “Fake Smiles” is a great depiction of how even though love can be beautiful, there’s always a chance it can get ugly – you may not even see it coming.

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