Video: Trapland Pat “Losses”

Personally, I love to see artists take a moment to reflect on the days when they weren’t up and taking the world by storm. Trapland Pat is sharing the wisdom he’s learned in his new video, “Losses.” He had his own fair share of losses during his come up – in fact, his football dreams came to a screeching halt in high school when his scholarship to Indiana State was revoked. Pivoting to music later on and finding success, the Deerfield Beach, FL native has the realest advice on how to turn your Ls into Ws. Here’s a few gems that Pat has to offer:

  1. If you ain’t ready for the streets, stay yo a** in the house!
  2. If you’re living on the edge, stay focused.
  3. Keep your eyes wide open on the prize (if you can keep your eyes open wider than Pat, I’m impressed haha!)

Directed by Shot By Jolo, the video this bouncy heater finds Pat posted outside of a Fort Lauderdale nightclub alongside a clique of masked men. While the group runs at the sight of police lights, Pat remains unbothered by his surroundings – making it clear that he doesn’t fold under pressure. In contrast with his retrospective thoughts, the video captures glimpses of the fruits of Pat’s labor, as he celebrates inside of the club with his gold-grill-clad homies and a few dancing ladies.

Check it out below!

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