Video: Wacotron “Gram And A Hoodie”

With the gift of a natural, laidback flow (that’s perfectly enhanced by his deep Texas drawl) and a serious dedication to studying the craft, Wacotron is at his best when he’s mixing his storytelling with wordplay – which is exactly what he’s doing on his new video single “Gram And A Hoodie” (produced by Southside and Pyrex 808 Mafia), out today via Pick Six Records.

“Gram And A Hoodie” is Wacotron’s origin story, as he details everything from when he started with just a “gram and a hoodie” to the real trauma he’s suffered along the way. His storytelling is effortless, he just has a way of laying it all out on the line, while still keeping the mind nimble trying to catch all of his subtle wordplay: “I been through it, don’t want to rewind/No handouts I got this out the grind/You gon’ tell on your people, you none of my kind/How he got your back but he ain’t got a spine?” <– that line always gets me! In the video, directed by Donthypeme and WeTheShooters, Wacotron illustrates the difficult choices that one needs to make in order to survive in the hood. As Wacotron and his friends post up outside a convenience store, the camera is drawn towards a teenager forced to steal food in order to feed his family. It feels like he’s almost gazing back on his younger self.

If you’re not familiar, Wacotron is the fast rising Waco, TX rapper who recently signed to Pick Six Records and has been working with Southside and 808 Mafia. “Gram And A Hoodie” is the latest single to come from Wacotron’s upcoming, debut project SMOKIN’ TEXAS via Pick Six Records / 808 Mafia – so stay tuned for more from Wacotron soon.

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