Video: WiFiGawd & Tony Seltzer “God Of War”

Wifigawd, a DC rapper and Soundcloud underground legend of the last few years. The late Lucas Foster, who was one of the best writers to ever contribute to the POW website, put me on a few years ago and considered him the best rapper of this generation. It seemed a bit hyperbolic to me at first, but the more I listened the more sense it made. He is the real deal, a sort of perfect triangulation of the post-Keef soundcloud, Spaceghostpurrp-style Memphis phonk, and traditional East Coast boom-bap. Any young rapper who says their favorite album is Redman’s “Whut? Thee Album” has it figured out in my book. He has an immense collection of vintage FUBU, but this doesn’t sound the slightest bit nostalgic. 

Earl has been playing the lead single after every show on his tour right now, and even brought WiFi out to perform at the DC show last weekend.  This is the video for that song, “God of War.”

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