Video: YN Jay & Babyface Ray “Coochie Island”

All aboard the S.S. Coochie, we’re heading to “Coochie Island” with YN Jay and Babyface Ray! Now I don’t know if the two Michigan natives planned to stop at Coochie Island or if they got stranded there (let’s be real, it was def on purpose) but either way, they’re living their best lives in the new video single. Engulfed by a sea of baddies in bikinis, Beecher, Michigan’s own YN Jay spends his day cruising in his canoe as he employs his signature flow to ruminate on teen moms, his fear of children, and his distaste with the state of global affairs over the bass-thumping instrumental. Babyface Ray comes through the soundstage on his calm sh*t, breaking the 4th wall on Jay’s imaginary paradise before flexing his bars and chilling with toy gun-armed baddies in a decked out Jeep. Never a dull moment on Coochie Island!

Coochie Island” is the latest release from Young Wild & Free, YN Jay’s upcoming mixtape, coming soon via Alamo Records. Stay tuned for much more from YN Jay!

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