Video: YN Jay “Shake That A$$ Baby”

The infamous “Coochie Man” YN Jay blessed us with his acclaimed Coochie Chronicles last summer and now he’s back in his bag, feeling Young Wild & Free! The new 15-track project arrives Wednesday, June 1st via Alamo Records. Young Wild & Free is a Michigan rap affair, featuring appearances from pioneers of the scene including Rio Da Yung OG and Babyface Ray, as well as explosive production from Michigan sound architects like ENRGY, Wayne616, and Marc Boomin. Jay’s humorous, sex-crazed lyrics, slip-sliding, start-stopping flow, and outrageous punchlines are fully on display on this project and on recent singles like “Coochie Island” ft. Babyface Ray and “Tip Off” ft. Mozzy and Louie Ray.

Along with the project announcement, YN Jay is channeling Billy Mays and Bubba Sparxx in his new infomercial-style “Shake That A$$ Baby” video inspired by the 2006 hit “Ms. New Booty” (A CLASSIC!). You’ve heard of Build-A-Bear Workshop, now it’s time to call into YN Jay’s own Build-A-Freak Workshop to build your ideal baddie. If you have any baddie-building business to discuss, you can take a seat in YN Jay’s office but don’t be surprised if he’s discussing official “coochie” business on his headset in the video for this twerkable banger. Check out the tracklist and cover art for YN Jay’s upcoming project below and stay tuned for more as he gears up for Young Wild & Free!

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