Videos: Koo Beats – Million Dollar Basement Series

A number of different live performance venues have begun to prosper over the course of the pandemic, whether formatted in the vain of NPR’s Tiny Desk or an individual song performance similar to COLORS, everyone has enjoyed this intimate new style of artist discovery. Atlanta has become home to a few of these different platforms, but Million Dollar Basement is pushing things in a new direction, focusing on the creation of the music rather than just the performance of it, integrating producer cook-ups into their fold of content and providing a look into the background of a song as opposed to a finished product. Koo Beats, TeezyOnTheBoards, Astro, Nova, and LexFromAtlanta come together to make the Million Dollar Basement team and have come a long way since first originating in an East Atlanta basement. They have become a one stop shop for music and video production and this series gives fans an insight into how their favorite, or future favorite, artists and producers go about crafting their work.

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