Videos: $odaman – SAND TO THE BEACH

Atlanta’s $odaman has been on a roll visually for the entirety of 2022 thus far and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, continuing the consistency spurned on by his most recent mixtape SO DA TAPE 2 which was by far my favorite project from the prolific young artist yet. He has graced numerous types of instrumentals of late and his newest video for “SAND TO THE BEACH” is no exception as he hops on what could best be categorized as a textbook rage beat and between the dramatic synths and trunk-shaking percussion the producers left $odaman no choice but to rock out with reckless abandon. The frenetic vhs-shot visual came courtesy of HangoutMotel who captured $odaman’s unbridled energy and the song’s raucousness with his fast-paced edits.

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