Yeat’s ‘2 Alivë’ Tour Hits North Carolina

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Yeat knows how to use his influence. The 21-year-old rapper has taken over the internet with songs like “Gët Busy” and “Sorry Bout That,” spawning a turban-centric community of supporters. He’s established an organic fanbase that has a vested interest in his success, climbing the ranks of virality through SoundCloud and TikTok. 

The Portland emcee played host to a sold-out crowd of young fans at Charlotte’s The Underground Sunday night, alongside SeptembersRich – Yeat’s partner in rhyme and hypeman. Unlike the concert last Thursday in Atlanta, which was delayed because of special guest appearances, no one was booed off stage. And yet, that didn’t stop SeptembersRich from closing out his set with “Fuck Atlanta” chants before exiting. 

After a brief intermission, Yeat stormed the stage in his Balenciaga Defender Trainers and Museum of Peace & Quiet t-shirt to the tune of “Jump,” a high-energy standout from his sophomore project, 2 Alivë. An explosion of strobe lights and clouds of smoke ushered in a wave of excitement as fans swarmed the luh geeky rapper. Newly released singles – “Nvr again” and “Rackz got më” – closely followed, riding the surge of momentum that permeated the air. 

The rest of the night played out like the shuffle option on your favorite streaming platform, finding Yeat’s songs bleeding into one another at the push of a button. With each transition, the synergy between artist and DJ intensified, pivoting into that natural run of show the audience craves as time went by.

Despite chants for one more song, Yeat left the stage, which was practically drenched from water being thrown into the crowd.

Although he’s still in his early 20’s, Yeat’s starpower is undeniable. From critical acclaim to managing high expectations and major co-signs from the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Lil Uzi Vert, and more, he’s learning to take success in stride. As he continues to grow in popularity, Yeat is showing promise of being that next genre-bending artist to emerge from the underground rap scene.

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