Nappy Roots

#TBT Podcast: Q Bosilini ‘Dirty White Boy (20th Anniversary Edition)’

Q Bosilini, the CEO of Thug World South joins the show for this #TBT episode. We discuss the project, his relationship with Alley Boy (who appeared twice on the project,) where he was in life and his career at the time, how he almost signed with Goodie Mob and The Nappy roots at the time respectively, but mostly I spend the episode trying to convince Q that the project is not only good but great.

Did Nappy Roots Open the Door for Kanye?

In our recent interview with Nappy Roots, group member Buffallo Stille had a very interesting response when asked about their influence on college rappers DGB: Do you feel like Nappy Roots opened the door for…

Nappy Roots: The DGB Interview

Most of the Nappy Roots members came from Louisville and met while attending WKU in the early 90s (core members graduated High School in 1993). By 2000 they were officially on their way. Then an…