100k Cody Makes It’s Easy To Run up A Bag

 As the year quickly comes to a close, I feel comfortable taking some time to reflect on some music and artists who have made a significant impact on my pallet over the last 10  months. If I’m being completely honest, when it comes to up-and-coming artists, this year didn’t unanimously wow me as a whole, but there were a few bright spots that invigorated my listening experience. 

Right now, one of my favorite artists out is 100k Cody. I’ve watched a video or two from him in the past, but I don’t think that nearly does justice to the actual amount of adoration I have for this unique and intellectual individual. 100k has only been around for a bit, but it seems like, over the last year and a half or so, the East Coast native has been everywhere. Nowadays in the musical landscape, it’s not enough to just put out music;  there has to be an otherworldly work ethic that accompanies your art that helps push it to the masses. This is one of 100k most prominent gifts and it’s the biggest reason why I’ve taken such a liking to him. Not only is he talented, but the Alabama representative cares about making sure his music and brand are heard and seen by the right people. Today it’s my pleasure to join him in those efforts. 

After a few phenomenal moves as a Content Creator over the last few months, 100k Cody makes it onto our page today for the release of his highly anticipated interview with DaStreetzTV. Out of all the videos that I’ve seen on his Instagram, this was the one that  I have been most excited to watch. The 20-plus minute offering details the importance of family, loyalty, and hardship through the lens of 100k Cody and his hometown experience. This one is just captivating from an overall structural standpoint. The free game and gems dropped are pristine, the sauce is distinct and to make it better, Cody leaves you wanting more. When it comes to his music, he enlisted inspiration from DaBaby and his eye-catching visuals. 

I don’t know what the future holds for 100k Cody, but regardless of his progression. I’m going to be right here cheering him on after each song, video, and project release. He’s raised the bar for upcoming Alabama artists and I’m so excited for what’s to come next.  I’ve attached his Instagram down below, so give him a follow and let us know what you think. 

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