Hunxho Serves Up ‘4 Days in LA’ EP


Atlanta rapper and self-described “street poet” Hunxho continues to ignite buzz with new EP, 4 Days in LA. The eight-track surprise project finds him in an introspective place as he deftly hones his songcraft and sharpens his mic skills all at once. It opens up with the poignant and powerful “All Not Equal. Somber piano glides over glitchy 808s as his warbling flow echoes with a plea, “Look at this pain. Look at these scars. Lil Dallas pulls up with a punchy cameo on “WYA.” Elsewhere, “Hell Yeah” hits hard with a barrage of emotionally charged confessions. The ride concludes on “True Gremlin. It commences with a prayer, “Can’t you see I’m a sinner, before he tears through the production with a tenacious flow. He makes good on the promise, “I feel like I gotta go harder.

Stream 4 Days in LA below!

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