Album Stream: Chino Cappin “Ladders” + “Still Loading” video

Alamo Records signee Chino Cappin is not on a mission to be defined as the toughest rapper on these streets, instead he’s focused on being an artist who masterfully intertwines hip-hop and R&B in a way that allows both genres to take cues from each other, like they once did at the turn-of-the-millennium (one of his and my favorite eras of music). Today, Chino takes us back to this era of R&B/hip-hop hybrid vibes with his new album Ladders and a video for “Still Loading,” and after listening to both, fans (both old and new) will have all the feels.

“Still Loading,” Ladders’ opening track, sets the tone for the project  as a whole– delicate and melodic infused with a little trap. In the video, Chino chills by the pool with his homie as he lyrically provides a scenic overview of his life as a young boss, proving that even though he can sing softly, he’s no pushover.

Spanning 10 tracks, including a feature with fellow Georgia native and rapper Metro MarrsLadders takes inspiration from the music that helped Chino escape while exploring how far he has come since the adversities he faced as a teenger and how he is continuing to climb above them. His buttery smooth vocals leave you hanging on to every verse as you relate to the lyrics in songs like “Hot Sh*t” and “Fake Love,’ while giving you all the feels like in my personal favorite “Sunshine.”

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