Album Stream: Chino Cappin “Permanently Scared”

Characterized by his true-to-life lyrics and velvety R&B melodies, Chino Cappin takes pride in occupying a lane of his own in Atlanta’s rap scene. Optimistic about continuing his artistic growth in 2022, Chino explores the experiences and measures that molded him with his new project, Permanently Scarred. Delivering impassioned anecdotes over intricate chord progressions, the guitar-driven project displays the Fort Valley native’s advanced emotional maturity and self-awareness. 

Although Chino doesn’t explicitly detail what left him permanently scarred, the project gives listeners a glimpse into how he copes with his pain. Setting the scene with conversation-style album opener “Been A Minute,” Chino highlights his struggle with depression as he hanks his fans for patiently waiting for new music. Throughout the project’s 16 tracks, Chino toggles between braggadocious rap and passionate R&B as he vividly details his relationships with his vices: women, money, and a fast-paced lifestyle. On tracks such as “Money Crazy” and “Til The Morning,” he combines southern charm and Dirty South swagger as an eligible bachelor in ATL’s scene. Transitioning into “Morning Prayer,” Chino shares an intimate moment with listeners as he recites a prayer before he starts his day. Featuring an appearance from his kindred spirit Jacquees, plus vibrant production from Jacquees’ frequent collaborator Nash B, as well as appearances from fellow ATL-area risers like PopLord and 21 Lil Harold, Permanently Scarred is available everywhere via Alamo Records.ort Valley native’s advanced emotional maturity and self-awareness. 

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