Album Stream: Dee Watkins “Problem Child 3”

Jacksonville, Florida’s number one problem child, Dee Watkins, spins back for a three-peat-worthy addition to his Problem Child project series,Problem Child 3. The tracklist is full of buzzing singles and fresh heat, from the heartfelt lyrics in “JPay,” to the high-energy-yet-grim “Nightmare On Grissholm St.,” With Florida heavy features from Hotboii, Quail P, and Alabama’s NoCap, this project is rooted in Florida while Dee sets his sights on a national fanbase. What Michael Jordan’s 1993 chip was to him, Problem Child 3 is to Dee Watkins; this project series is Dee’s defining mark on the Florida music scene, solidifying his place in it while also setting himself up for grander goals to come.

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