Album Stream TEC “Ketha Son”

Baton Rouge rapper TEC drops off his first full project of 2019 titled “Ketha Son” via [Spider Nation, LLC / EMPIRE.] Though his diehard fans expect him to deliver multiple projects a year, TEX took his time crafting this album. Getting more personal than ever before, Ketha Son marks noticeable progression for TEC as a lyricist. “Ketha is my mom’s name, so i thought it would be the most personal vibe. I’m showing you my point-of-view as a son and giving the world a new version of me,” TEC shares. He introduces that version of on the single “No Love,” which boasts organ-style synths and showcases his dynamic vocal range. In contrast, “Gusher,” which features Atlanta trap phenomenon Money Man, is a catchy feel-good slap that couples melodic delivery with stark piano keys and pronounced hi-hat hits.

TEC’s music goes deeper than rap; he converts hip-hop into what he refers to as “Poetic Activism.” With in deft rhymes and hypnotic melodies, he shows the toughest corners of street life and its consequences in order to seek wisdom and redemption. “I love so much hip-hop, but the majority of artists are talking about cars, women, and a lot of the same subjects over and over again,” he explains. “I step out of that. I’m saying, ‘Yeah, I used to keep a gun. Theres consequences though, and they could’ve totaled my life.’ I give you both sides of those stories and situations. There’s more to the world. If you’re woke and watching, I try to rhyme like a poet for the people.”

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