Artist EMI Releases Debut Project

Seattle, WA: After releasing extremely well received singles over the last year, artist EMI debuts her first project Planet and spoiler alert: it’s lit.

I just have to give a big shout out to the internet real quick because without it I don’t think we would have been able to see the day where cute girls drop dope trap bars over dark R&B beats. While 2Chainz has us waiting on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, a pretty girl who likes trap music went in on 8 beats executively produced by Rex Kudo, with additional production by Bobby Raps, Nav, Charlie Handsome, Sevn Thomas, and more.

Yesterday EMI premiered the project with Complex and said, “Planet is my first cohesive project that covers everything, from relationships to hustling. Sticking to my mantra of ‘don’t speak it if you don’t live it,’ I use this project as an honest window for my listeners into my daily life. The name Planet is a nod to my social media handle ‘Planetemi’ as well as my view on the world, something I frequently reference as my own planet” EMI tells Complex.

She further said that, “Planet is a project for the lovers and the haters, the hustlers and the bosses, the suppliers and the consumers. I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved making it.”

Stream EMI’s debut project below or on whatever app you listen to your music with:


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