Atlanta artist Don Billion delivers “Thotlanta” new single!

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Who said Atlanta music wasn’t fun anymore? Atlanta native, Don Billion is bringing back the fun bounce to Atlanta music with his newly released single “Thotlanta”. The track is produced by Sniper Gang music producer Beatman Bam who also produced Kodak Black’s “Shotgun Pete”. 

“Thotlanta” inspired by the harsh realities of Atlanta’s rich culture from scamming, trapping, money, designer clothing, beautiful women, nightlife, drank, and everything in between. 

On the track, Don Billion raps, “you can lose your b*tch to a trapper, you can lose your b*tch to a scammer”. “Thotlanta” exposes what happens in Atlanta and warns people on what to expect before coming to the Black Hollywood mecca.  

Don Billion is making the most of 2021 as a newly freed man consistently releasing music and content. The official music video to “Thotlanta” is coming soon and Don Billion has custom merchandise available on his Instagram profile for sale to promote the single. 

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  1. Jonathan Kane | May 1, 2021 at 6:08 pm | Reply

    Yooo Thotlanta the new wave!!!!

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