Baby Drill taps in with Sho Mo for “Gah Damn” [VISUAL]

Hailing from Clayton County, Georgia, Sho Mo is a rising rap artist who draws inspiration from iconic figures such as Master P who, like him, rose from humble beginnings to achieve phenomenal success.

A true veteran, Sho Mo has been honing his craft since the age of five, but it was during his high school years that he fully embraced music professionally and has been on a relentless journey ever since. Sho Mo’s musical style is a seamless blend of smooth, fun, and get-money vibes, reflecting his love for the game and dedication to spreading positive energy. Collaborating with artists like Baby Drill, Dun Deal, and Jayell, he has cultivated a distinctive sound that embodies the vibrant spirit and raw talent of the Atlanta music scene. 

The latest testament to Sho Mo’s musical prowess is his hit single, “Gah Damn”, which features the aforementioned and Atlanta upstart Baby Drill. The music video for the single showcases Sho Mo’s commitment to creating visually stunning and sonically compelling work. One of his proudest achievements since releasing “Gah Damn” is making it to the radio station in less than a month, securing nightly airplay and affirming his rising status in the music industry.

Sho Mo’s journey extends beyond the studio, having graced stages all over the Southside, including venues like the Bank and Lacore in Atlanta. In the realm of interviews, he has shared his story with influential voices like Lil Bankhead on V 103 Radio station and The Cook Up, providing insights into his artistry, experiences, and the driving force behind his music.

As Sho Mo aptly puts it, “it is what it is; only God can judge me.” This sentiment encapsulates his authenticity and resilience, serving as a guiding force in his musical endeavors. With a career rooted in passion and a commitment to giving him fans that feel-good vibe, Sho Mo is undoubtedly a rising force in the world of hip-hop.

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