Back in Time with Kay L.A. -“Baltimore Moesha”

Kay L.A. is a very promising lyricists from the streets of Baltimore. As he she pours her real life emotions and life experiences into her music, you have no choice but to really FEEL it all. Kay L.a. is a heavily diverse artist between soul and rap there’s no reason why she’s not on your radar yet! This year she has dropped her debut project “Baltimore Moesha” and touching on this project the Nostalgia that it brings is unmatched starting with the Moesha themed album cover.

Diving into “Baltimore Moesha” the production gives you those 90s feels that we’ve been missing lately! We mentioned earlier that she is a Lyricists and incorporated that lyricism with poetry on the project. As we get into the songs Kay L.A. brought on the romance in and issues that we deal with as women when it comes to relationships and life in general.

It is safe to say that “Baltimore Moesha” is filled with eargasms from the level of poetry to the relatability of her featured songs on the project. As Kay continues to provide pure substance within her music, she steadily opening new doors for other female artists who relate to her and her artistry.

Check out her Debut project below:

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