Beat Monsters Keep Their Ears In The Streets

Producers are critical for the success of any record, however, the art of production is often taken for granted and producers rarely receive the credit and recognition that they deserve.

Production duo Beat Monsters, KC & Marc, share their story of gaining credibility as producers in Atlanta streets since their start in late 2008. Beat Monsters discuss working with D4L, Shop Boyz, and Rich Kidz in their prime and creating new waves for artists such Rich Homie Quan, YG, Johnny Cinco, & several others.

“You got to get a Beat Monster beat if you in Atlanta” (Beat Monster Marc).

Marc and KC give an in-depth explanation of the importance of keeping an ear in the streets and how that impacts their music.

Watch the Beat Monster documentary below for exclusive footage of Beat Monsters, Migos, and rising artist Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Beat Monster Marc also introduces his artist, 9th Ward Baby Jesus who has been buzzing in the streets of Atlanta after his track with Bases Loaded artist, Lotto Savage and new record with Wonder B.



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