Big Flock talks Love vs. Loyalty, “Caesar Salad” & More.

When it comes to the DMV’s rap culture Big Flock’s name and music holds major weight throughout the area. As we know being an Independent artist is not for the weak and Flock has proven just that. Known for his critically acclaimed project “The Great Depression” which dropped in 2016, he continues to set the tone for his City and continues to show us why he’s the Underground King.

During our exclusive interview with Big Flock we discussed his recent single “Caesar Salad” and much more.

Check it out below:

MIKALA: Can you give me a little insight on what it was like for you growing up in Maryland?

Big Flock: I lived pretty cool. I come from the trenches but we made the best of what we did have. It was a pretty good experience. 

Mikala: If I were to visit Maryland what would be a good restaurant to eat at?

Big Flock: Sebastian’s. They sell chicken, steak, shrimp, wraps. It’s good than a muhfucka.

Mikala: I’m going to have to check that out!

Big Flock: (laughs) Yeah. 

Mikala: Now when did music come into play in your life?


Big Flock: I been in tune with music my whole life. So, Man I guess I can say my whole life. I really didn’t take music seriously probably around about 19-20.

Mikala: What made you want to officially step into music?

Big Flock: I was on the run for an armed robbery case. I just felt as though I wanted to rap. I felt as though rap would take me wherever I needed to go in case I fell too far  in the deep end and can’t get myself out. 

Mikala: I was watching one of your interviews and I saw you guys discussing Love and Loyalty. What would you say the difference between the two is? 

Big Flock: Love and loyalty . . . I mean, I feel as though somebody probably love you for something that you got. It’s not always what’s inside that they love.  A lot of times it can be the stuff that you got, materialistic things. I feel as though loyalty is a big difference. They would do anything for you no matter how good or bad it will make them look. It’s all for the sake to make you happy. It’s a real big difference. 

Mikala: Yeah I feel that! Loyalty over love. 

Big Flock: Absolutely, always. Which one would you choose? 

Mikala: I’m really big on loyalty! I would rather choose loyalty over love. Referring to relationships, you could be in love with somebody but still cheat and that’s not loyal. People will always have love for you but that doesn’t mean they’ll do right by you. 

Big Flock: Right! 

Mikala: Do you ever have to deal with people not being genuine within the industry?


Big Flock: Yeah, I probably go through that maybe everyday. It’s just life though. Everybody gets used for some type of reason. Everybody wants to eat, everybody is hungry. 

Mikala: Now, as an independent artist do you feel as though you have to work 10 times harder than somebody else who’s signed? 

Big Flock: Absolutely. If I gotta work 10 times harder than there’s probably someone who’s working 20 times  harder than me, I gotta multiply that you know what I’m saying. I’ma always go hard.

Mikala: What is something that you think people misconstrued about Independent Artists?

Big Flock: Thinking that shit all easy. If you ain’t got nobody behind you it aint easy at all, If you really doing it by yourself , you and your team scraping up everything yall got in order to make something shake then man I applaud you cause that’s  what I’m doing with my team too. 

Mikala: I’m super excited to talk about your music! I got the chance to really listen to it and your sound is not comparable, very different but I can tell it’s true to who you are! As rap is constantly evolving how do you stay true to your sound? 

Big Flock:  I mean . . . I don’t really listen to too many people (laughs). I listen to local artists though but it’s not on a routine. I listen to myself on a routine so it’s like I always hear myself, I know what I want to sound like, how I could sound better on the next song or  what I want to do on the next song. I can’t listen to everybody else all the time. I’ll basically sound like them. For the most part I use my own ideas, do whatever I want to. 

Mikala: I agree. Surrounding yourself with yourself and with your music. You have no choice but to stay true to yourself. 

Big Flock: Absolutely! 

Mikala: You recently dropped your single “ Caesar Salad”! Could you tell me a little bit about that? 

Big Flock: Caesar Salad is basically showing a lot of me, being transparent. Showing you a lot of stuff I’ve been going through. From beginning to end, not really so much of the end because the end hasn’t came yet. But you know what I’m saying, from the then to what I’m into now or what I was feeling at that time when I was actually recording. Just basically show what’s up with me. 

Mikala: Is there a specific reason why you chose the title “Caesar Salad”?

Big Flock: Nah, like the dude that made the beat and whenever he made it that was the name when sent it and I just never changed it. I was like man I know people gone keep asking about it, like why’d you name it that. Everybody wanted me to name it “Old Flock” but that was too cliche, I’ma just name it whatever the beat is called. 

Mikala: (Laughs) Yeah I like that! 

Mikala:  Your music was  also featured in Kevin Durant’s Documentary. How did that come about for you?

Big Flock: That was from the good homie IDK. He put it together. I was in LA one time and I spent the day with him. We recorded right then and there. Shout out to IDK and KD as well! 

Mikala: What advice would you give to any up and coming rappers? 

Big Flock: Believe in yourself no matter what the fuck anybody tells you. You do what the fuck you want to do. Keep being you.


Instagram: BigFlock187

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