BTS: The GREA8GAWD & Sammy Gezus On The Radar Freestyles

On the Radar Radio’s popular freestyle series has steadily gained momentum since its inception. Clips from the recent appearance by Drake and Central Cee went viral all over social media platforms. Other standouts in the series were Grea8Gawd & Sammy Gezus. Grea8Gawd shares with us how their appearance came about & how he approached it.

DGB: Basically walk us through the process of your “On The Radar” appearance. From how it came about, your approach, and the day itself.

Grea8Gawd: My Gawd brother Pacino, Big Pacino, he set that up. They squeezed me in actually. Shout out Gabe at On The Radar for that. They definitely had a full roster and there was a wait. I had been killing freestyles so crazily that it made them take notice. I was on a relentless pursuit at that time. My manager Sal hit me and said we got to do the “On The Radar” freestyle. I had about a week to prepare. So that’s what I did. I got ready & we went up there and went crazy.

The dope thing about doing it is that they’re editing it while you’re doing the freestyle. So I knew what it was going to look like before I even left. Another thing that was beautiful is that my Gawd brother Sammy Gezus got to go on after me. I told Gabe let my man get busy I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. He told me to bring him back but something told me to ask him one more time. He was waiting for some food at the time so he told Sammy to go ahead. Shout out to the delivery guy for being late. Sammy went in there and killed it. He went crazy. He’s got an EP coming out soon. We’re ready to put that out under Gawd Squad. After that, we’re going to put out the Gawd Squad project.

Gabe didn’t have to let him do that. Sammy showed and proved in a crazy manner. He’s different.

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