Off The Porch: Chelsea Pastel On Cleveland, Working w/ Krayzie Bone, Kid Cudi Festival, Going Viral On Twitter, and More

Chelsea Pastel

We recently sat down with Chelsea Pastel for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation she talked about the way of life in Cleveland, reveals she had a good childhood growing up, learning to play a lot of instruments, her mom being a music head, having a diverse variety of music that she listens to, taking music seriously in 2016, having to quit her job once her music started taking off, her song “Stop Asking” going viral on Twitter, getting a lot of support in Cleveland, her experience working with Krayzie Bone, being placed on Kid Cudi’s upcoming festival in Cleveland, wanting her listeners to feel good when listening to her music, her new single “Whiplash”, upcoming project, goals for her career, wanting to uplift the music scene in Cleveland, and much more!

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