Chicago artist Road Runna Rio releases ‘Hollywood’ project featuring OJ Da Juiceman, Zaytoven, & Chopsquad DJ

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Road Runna Rio has been building up his name as a rapper since 2014. Despite his brief experience with homelessness, the rising artist has had one thing on his mind; to become one of the biggest rappers in the game. 

Road Runna Rio, whose birth name is Mariano Scardine, grew up in Calumet City, IL in the South Chicago metropolitan area. He grew up between the Chicago area and other parts of IL and even spent time in Los Angeles and Atlanta. To him, his influences come mostly from the latter since he’s spent most of his adulthood in the two cities. As a rapper, he’s trying to create his own lane in music and defines his sound as a blend of “Intelligent Trap” with a lazy flow that is full of impactful punchlines. He leans on content centered about the hustler lifestyle which has garnered him an impressive 1 million streams on Spotify and close to 800,000 on Apple Music. Fans are drawn to how he paints the picture of the go-getter, allowing him to catch the attention on major platforms like No Jumper and Worldstar. 

He’s collaborated with some heavy hitters in music including OJ Da Juiceman, Zaytoven, chasethemoney, Chopsquad DJ, the entire Stinc Team and memes of the Shoreline Mafia since he’s started working on his craft and has been making major connections in Atlanta. While LA is where he got his footing as an artist, it is the Southern home of rap that has him linking with industry elite. For Road Runna Rio, there’s nothing stopping him from pursuing music, not even being homeless for 5 years before 2020. He’s set on releasing great music and working his moves to establish a greater name for himself.

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