Chicago’s Montana of 300 Drops Bars on ‘Don’t Doubt The God’ From Behind Bars.

Chicago, IL: This time last year we saw the release of Chicago rapper Montana of 300’s debut album Fire in the Church and even though he is currently in jail the rapper releases his newest project titled Don’t Doubt The God. 

According an Instagram post on the rapper’s page four days ago, Montana is facing undisclosed charges and is currently in jail but we all know that jail does not stop artists from releasing music. He says, “Aye y’all I’m locked up right now…I’m in this mf working on the future….Everybody that loves me, loves what I do, loves how I do it, loves my team, loves my purpose and appreciates my time and craft, please go purchase my “DON’T DOUBT THE GOD” Album and let’s make that bitch the #1 ALBUM in the country. I appreciate all the love and support and ears. I will be home very very soon. Enjoy and listen for the msgs please. I’m not jus rapping to make money. I rap to lift up my ppl as well. Catch the bars and the msgs. Love #RapGod #DDTG #FGEshit.”

The sophomore album features artists such as: Jalyn Sanders, No Fatigue, Talley of 300, $avage, Tay Sav, and Budouble.

Stream the entire project below:

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