“$crew Trilla 2” by HI$IVE (Mixtape)

When Houston enters a conversation, it is usually about a lifestyle, or classic music. 5th Ward native HI$IVE continues the trend enlisting George Young with “Let It Ride” which will be the lead single to his second mixtape “$crew Trilla 2”. With the last month of summer, these smooth diverse lyrics over classic production is just a seasonal introduction to what HI$IVE (HIFIVE) has in store sonically for music in general.

HI$IVE released a video for his “Fake Gold’ track which enlist another high profile up and coming Houston rapper by the name of Rocky Banks (check out the “Swanggas” on the Camero). Also check out the video for the “Wherever I Go” featuring DT Blanco, off the “$crew Trilla 2” album.

Let It Ride” is another single by the Houston artist, which captures the smooth playa vibes of the south. You will most definitely need a fat blunt and something potent in your cup for this one.


Be on the look out for “$crew Trilla 2” coming very soon this summer.

screw_trilla_2_artwork screw_trilla_2_artwork_back


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