D-Ray “My Mixtape is Killing Your Mixtape 2”


Aggressive titling can go spectacularly wrong. However sometimes instead of being the results of overconfidence driven hubris, the aggrandizing title can also be accurate. In D-Ray’s case, his mixtape IS KILLING YOUR MIXTAPE. When asked about the project, D-Ray told us that it was “The best tape out of Texas, hands down!!!”

Featuring top-flight production from Stunt N Dozier, 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin and more, MMIKYM2 finds D-Ray rounding into his prime. Guests include Ethan Sacii, Fat Pimp, Beat King, Quinn, and a few others. The project received rave reviews when recently debuted at AC3 & Prarie View’s homecoming.

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  1. I too agree. I have seen firsthand the dedication he has put in on this project and it’s unbelievable! He sacrificed his time for himself to get this done and that alone is incredible. The frustration was real but he did it.He is pushing this with no team. He is hitting clubs passing out cds pulling up on ppl that is asking for it and shipping out cds all by himself. I respect his grind and hustle to make this Mixtape a successful one. I salute you. Congratulations!
    PS, this tape is like no other it’s a must have. I know because I’ve heard it! Hit him up on Facebook @DeeRay you can find it on YouTube and SoundCloud. ItsDeeRayBaby😘

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