DGB EXLCUSIVE: Get To Know Birdman Zoe – Founder Of Timeless Music Ent.

I don’t chase money; I chase opportunity” is the motto of music manager Daniel “Bird” Desir. “Money runs out, but opportunity can put you in a much better position to build your empire.” The 31-year-old Jamaica Queens native runs the business arm of Internet Money Records. He also founded Timeless Music Entertainment in 2014, a firm that handles artists and producers.

Born in a Haitian-American household, Desir lost his father at age one. He felt the pressures to be something. “In a Caribbean household, it’s not about sports or entertainment. It’s ‘go to school, become a doctor, lawyer, or teacher.”‘ A basketball star, Bird graduated from John Jay College with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He declined overseas playing opportunities to be a presence in his son’s life. However, he quickly found that despite great pay and stability, that life in a suit was not for him. In three months at Chase Corporate Security, Desir quit his job. He built a platform for emerging entertainers, D&D Productions, and went to work for himself. With that enterprise, Bird met Brick Squad artist Frenchie in 2011. The two made a fast bond, and Bird traveled to shows with the rapper heard on Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka albums.

While new to the industry, he offered to help an artist who needed it. Starting as Road Manager, Bird eventually took on the career of Frenchie, and soon after, Mike WiLL affiliate, Yung Joey (aka F1Jo). Bird soaked up all the facets of the business while applying his fierce work ethic and
street smarts. In 2015, he co-discovered a group, 821, whose song, “Lobby,” became a hit on WorldstarHipHop, radio, and Soundcloud. 50 Cent invited them to play his Power premiere.

During this time, Bird pivoted. Early in the song’s climb, he sought out to find who produced Desiigner’sPanda.” Desir eventually linked with Menace, a UK beat-maker who needed representation. Immediately, Desir noticed that Menace had unknowingly lost his publishing. Using legal connections, Bird got results. Menace got his stake in the hit. “I know I’m not the best manager in the world, but I’m the hardest working,” he says, priding himself on punctuality, detail, and around-the-clock availability. From Menace, Bird built a roster of talented producers. He had connected with the biggest, Taz Taylor. Networking on social media, Bird believed he could help the Jacksonville producer behind Internet Money. “It was a group of kids selling beats, kits, and tutorials online,” he recalls. While Taz was drawing mid-six-figures with his business, Bird saw a world of major placements, publishing deals, and an Internet Money label.

Since Bird joined the fold in late 2016, he helped negotiate Taz’s first major beat placement with Desiigner and Gucci’s “Liife.” Internet Money launched a label with Alamo/Interscope in 2018. The roster of producers including Taz, Nick Mira, JRHITMAKER, and others, has swarmed the charts with numerous platinum and gold hits; Bird represents them all. At TME, he also manages Ricky Racks, NO1, Dstackz, Lil Reek, longtime act F1Jo, and countless other signed artist and producers. He has secured strategically diverse publishing deals with various labels and A-list executives. This has empowered a crop of new producers and made these clients wealthy. With dedication and persistence, the tireless “Big Business Bird” is spotting the opportunities, and swooping in to make Timeless Music Entertainment a household name.

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